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Changes & Updates quarter 4 2022 (Self Service Kiosk)

Changes & Updates quarter 4 2022 (Self Service Kiosk)


Changes & Updates in Quarter 4/2022 (Self Service Terminal)

Today you will receive the updates and changes in quarter 4/2022 for Beton2Go Baustoff-Kiosk. Included are important new features as well as upcoming updates, feature enhancements and security patches.


Filter for Reports

From now on, the new filter function for reports is available. You will be able to specify the order period within order overview and export the report in Excel file format within the specified period.


Now also with extended report of external payment

In addition to the transactions via NFC and EC payment that were previously in the report, there is now also an additional "External" spreadsheet. In it you will now also find the transactions of the cashpoint (internal terminal)


Reports for all available shops

It is now also possible to download the reporting for all stores when operating several concrete machines and/or clients at different locations. This way you have all transactions of all machines and/or clients in one file

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AZERTY Keyboard Layout

For all French clients, the AZERTY keyboard layout is now available in all Self Service Terminals. Configuration settings are required to activate the keyboard layout. These can be done by Moodia support.

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Soon we will provide you with the new dashboard. The dashboard is part of the design pattern 2.0 and is called Wiresphere Nepton. Nepton will be phased in 2023 and promises a tidy management interface in a clear presentation. We will provide you with more details about Nepton in Quarterly Announcement 1 2023.


 wsp nepton

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